Once upon an Art Room: Close-up Cows!

Once upon an Art Room: Close-up Cows! it would be a great project with each group doing a different farm animal maybe?

Soak yarn in glue and wrap on balloon, let dry then pop the balloon!

My mom used to make these! DIY Easter Egg Garland wrap a balloon with string, roll it around in the liquid starch. After you have soaked the balloon put the balloon on a cup and let it dry overnight. Pop the balloon and you have your egg

Eerst een horizontale lijn, dan een ovaal tekenen, daarna de hals en de vleugels. Dan ga je de omgeving boven water tekenen en als laatste de weerspiegeling

Swan Reflections Art Lesson This art lesson can be used for grade and up. This is a great lesson in symmetry for the upper grades.

Concertina pictures are a perfect example of how simple materials can create great results - when you look at them straight on the pictures are mixed up. When you look from either side a different picture is revealed!

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Knutselwerkjes groep 8 met knopen.

Knutselwerkjes groep 8 met knopen.

Jump by Elitca Ganeva

Jump - one of thousands of pictures in the free children's art gallery sponsored by Look and Learn

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