Jasmijn Kuijstermans

Jasmijn Kuijstermans

Jasmijn Kuijstermans
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Last Friday Winnie was 12 weeks old. I can’t believe we’ve had her for 3 weeks now! The time has flown by. She weighs lbs. I’ve been using this Puppy Weight Calculator and it’s been pretty consistent each week. It predicts her adult weight will be aro

Helado nutritivo para tu perro: Sólo se necesitamos 6 vasos de plástico pequeños, 6 huesosos de plástico, un plátano, dos cucharaditas de miel, 30 bolitas de pienso, nata y leche al punto de nieve, lo batimos bien todo, vertimos la mezcla en los vasos, le introducimos el hueso y lo metemos al frigorífico durante 1 hora y 30 minutos. Sorpresa! Ya están los helados para tu mascota...

Help your pets keep cool this summer with a tasty Pup Pop.looks like a treat for me and my pups. Of course without the dog bone for me lol - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Sam Ivy K9’s Housebreaking Schedule

Pupy Training Treats - Pupy Training Treats - Sam Ivy Housebreaking Schedule - How to train a puppy? - How to train a puppy?

How to tell what your dog is saying

Doggie Language Dog-behavior illustrator (and Boston Terrier lover)Lili Chin produced this wonderful explanation of her dog’s body language.