Sometimes you just fund something, that speaks directly to you. This is one of those things.Transformation - You're falling into something different with a new capacity to be beautiful. Shine on.

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Tussen wat wordt gezegd en niet bedoeld en wat wordt bedoeld en niet gezegd gaat de meeste liefde verloren ~ Khalil Gibran ~

Between what is said and what is not meant and what is meant and not said the most love goes lost ~ Khalil Gibran ~

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Waarom zou het meteen moeten lukken als er herkansingen bestaan?

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Isn't this so precious for a little girl's room? Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains. There's even a tutorial on how to do it yourself!Little girls room? This applies to me at

The one who falls and rises is much stronger than the one who never falls teksten