Jasper Bodewes

Jasper Bodewes

Jasper Bodewes
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Tammo Prinz's conceptual skyscraper would be built from tesselating modules

Tammo Prinz Architects have shared with us their latest project: Platonian Tower in Lima. The Platonian Tower shape results of its location in the urban fab

Filip Janssens

This is the most amazing piece of bespoke fitted furniture I have yet seen, I love it to bits, the balance in the random squares is perfect and the shape is just beautiful. I love the contrast between white painted and wood. TT Filip Janssens - A Interior

Slush puppies.

I loved blue Slush Puppies the most! Just looking at this picture brings back loys of memories of summer weekends spent at Canoe Lake, a lake right by the beach where you could hire canoes, fish for crabs, and have chips for lunch if you were lucky!