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Shooting Star reflection. #shootingstar #meteor...masyallah! I witnessed a shooting star among all the stars in d sky!

A shooting star. One of ma greatest wish, to see a shooting star n to wish upon the star for I know it's really going to happen


"Joy thrives in a climate of harmony. Joy begets a feeling of relaxation, a carefreeness that release burdens and embraces a sense of freedom that opens the door their resolution." - from "Joy" in the Gardens of the Heart series by Summit University Press

Solar Eclipse ~ by Tomas Johansson

Solar Eclipse ~ by Tomas Johansson~~not really a picture of the moon but I don't know which other board I would pin this on!

Mount Cook, New Zealand

This is so pretty! ~ Galactic Dance ~ Aurora Australis and Milky Way Galaxy over Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand ~ Photo by Jay Daley

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Winds ten times stronger than a hurricane on Earth swirl around Saturn’s equator reaching up to 1100 km/h – and they never stop: even for a moment

On July 19, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured a rare image of Saturn’s rings and our planet Earth and its moon. | This Is What The Earth Looks Like From A Billion Miles Away

On July NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured a rare image of Saturn's rings and our planet Earth and its moon. The latest attempt at the Pale Blue Dot photo but closer and with much better equipment and perspective.