Love this toilet sign. Very elegant and classy....  Walnut Wood Male  Female Toilet Sign by Hacoa

This would be cute in the bathroom down stairs so ppl know where it is! "Love this toilet sign. Walnut Wood Male & Female Toilet Sign by Hacoa"

Colored leather.

Second Hand Shops Full Of Leather JPackets Especially TOne Of Color Along With LOther Skirts Etc. Some Great Buys favorite fall trend COLORFUL LEATHER. try adding a red leather jacket to floral tops or dresses!

For the guys.

Cavalier Essentials, vintage(ish) products designed for "the rugged, yet sophisticated gentleman. Anyway, it looks great thanks to graphic designer Taylor Pemberton.

Adam Hinton, Shibuya

"A limited edition photo book documenting Japanese commuters at the world’s busiest station and intersection: Tokyo’s Shibuya.

The World’s First Programmable T-Shirt -

London-based interactive clothing companys Cutecircuit has teamed up with Scotch whiskey distillers Ballantine's to create the world's.