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Photographer Isabelle Chapuis and vegetal artist Duy Anh Nhan Duc team up to transform two women into dandelion-human hybrids using real dandelion fluff and no digital manipulation.


Designer Caroline Brahme has invented a product that consists of concrete blocks hosting green plants, entitled ‘Grey To Green’.

snarkitecture_PrintAllOverMe_4.jpg (818×545)

ARCHITECTURAL CAMOUFLAGE ‘Architectural Camouflage’ – designed by Snarkitecture and produced by print all over me – is a new series of apparel that uses allover prints of white building materials,.

Stunning Bench Showing the Water’s Movements on its Surface

the japanese designer has now rendered the glass bench in brass using the exquisite casting technique employed in the production of traditional buddha statues in japan that has been inherited over the years.

Momir Bojic spent two years putting together his dream car: a gorgeous VW Beetle covered with over 50,000 handcrafted oak shingles.

Bosnian Pensioner Made Completely Wooden Volkswagen Beetle from Pieces of Oak. Bosnian pensioner Momir Boyik made completely wooden Volkswagen

Stuart+Haygarth+-Tide+Chandelier+%282011%29+%281%29.jpg (1300×1300)

Large round chandelier made from found objects like: glasses,plastic bottles, party poppers- Great recycled designer.Designed in Hackney: chandeliers by Stuart Haygarth For other great lighting ideas call Penny Waller Interiors