The Food Pusher: Dutch Apple Pie-lettes (Apple Pie Cookies)-i'll most likely make my own pie filling, but these look fantastic!

The Food Pusher: Dutch Apple Pie-lettes (Apple Pie Cookies). Please use homemade apple pie filling though!

Dutch food - Hutspot (mashed potatoes with onions and carrots)

Dutch Hutspot: 2 pounds potatoes 2 pounds carrots 1 pound onions 1 tbsp real butter + extra for mash 1 tsp curry powder 2 vegetable bouillon cubes water salt


Dutch cookies called 'Kletskoppen' which means 'blethering heads'. Probably originated from the talkative nature of women in the during their tea time with girlfriends. Gaan we vaker doen

Good Dutch Food!  speculaas koekjes

Nicholas Cookies 2 cups brown sugar 1 ½ cups butter or hard margarine 3 cups flour 1 egg, beaten 1 tsp salt, scant 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon ¾ teaspoon cloves ½ teaspoon nutmeg ½ teaspoon allspice ½ teaspoon ginger

this is how Dutch people like eating their kroketten: with bread and mustard.

Home-made Dutch "kroket": beef-ragout covered in breadcrumbs and then deep fried.

Recept - Boerenerwtensoep met bacon

Boe­ren­erw­ten­soep met ba­con


One of the things that is present throughout most cities is a "snackmuur" from which you can buy fried snacks.

droste cacao

droste cacao, the famous Droste tin with the repeating nurse

Recept - Champignonragout met Aardappelschijfjes en Groene Asperges

Cham­pig­non­ra­gout met groe­ne as­per­ges