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Jan De Boer

Jan De Boer
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Love this bunny-condo set up!

Love this bunny-condo set up! Please note: The celery should be cut up into smaller pieces. This can cause problems down the road. Cut all veggies and fruits into small pieces.

How to Set up a Pig Pen | eHow

How to Set up a Pig Pen. Pigs are surprisingly clean animals, and you may make a pig miserable by simply building a cage around a mud puddle. Pigs need protection from the elements in the same way that humans do, and they need separate areas to eat, play,


(Not into guinea pigs but holy cow, amazing!)Now, THIS is a guinea pig house from heaven! My girls would be on piggy 'Cribs' if we had this.and I will be begging my husband to let us have this!I found 'Cute Guinea Pig Cage' on Wish, check it out!