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a blue and white card with a sailboat on it's side, next to a rope
Made in Holland
craftliners: Made in Holland
a blue and white card with an image of sailboats, windmills and other things on it
Nog meer Hollandse kaarten, nu in het blauw
three cards with blue and white designs on them
Voor jou
two cards with different designs on them, one is red and the other is blue
Holland Kaart 11. Een rood-wit-blauwe A-6 kaart. Van de rode basiskaart is een strook van 5 cm gesneden. Deze is te gebruiken om te "matten". Een dubbele witte basiskaart is iets kleiner gesneden en in de rode kaart geplakt. 't HobbyHoees 10 juni 2015
a card with buttons on it that says god is my joy and two hearts are in the background
Sannes scraphörna
Sannes scraphörna
Both Sides Layout Idea for Handmade Cards
there are four cards on the wall with birds and thank you written on them in different languages
Set of Five Notes Cards in Collage style with Bird-prints
Jacqueline's Craft Nest
two pictures of coffee mugs with flowers in them, one is made out of paper and the other has an origami photo frame
Card ideas for kids
a birthday card with an image of a beach hut and bunting flags on it
a close up of a greeting card with butterflies
Sunburst Corner