Jean-Louis Goedmakers

Jean-Louis Goedmakers

Jean-Louis Goedmakers
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Wally Super Yacht

Nice boat from the movie "The Island". 118 WallyPower is a m) luxury motor yacht with a maximum speed of 60 knots mph, 110 km/h) produced by Wally Yachts. Its 33 Million for the triple gas turbine or if your slumming it get the twin-diesel for 22 million.

Supercar & Superyacht for Strand Craft by Eduard Gray

The Strand Craft 122 Superyacht -- Simply beautiful. This would make the perfect vehicle to zip around the Mediterranean Sea. In case you are at port, it comes complete with a matching car in its self-contained garage.


Sailing photo of the week - The Swan yacht Favonius from the British Virgin Islands. Owned by Roel Pieper, Favonius is a favorite on the Swan yacht racing circuit, never failing to inspire envy under way and at dock.

Crescent #Nebula. #space #astronomy #hubble

NGC 6888 - Crescent Nebula, is a cosmic bubble about 25 ly across, blown by winds from its central, bright, massive star. NGC central star is classified as a Wolf-Rayet star (WR NGC 6888 is about 5000 light years away in the constellation Cygnus.

A-10 Thunderbolt II

Best close-air ground support weapon in our arsenal. Was privileged to watch these awesome machines fly during early testing days. And go to training at Fairchild training center Long Island New York to work on them.