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Air pressure experiment

■Place the cooled boiled egg on top of the glass bottle, making sure there is no way the egg fits through. Ask an adult to light two matches and drop them inside the glass jar, quickly place the egg back on top. ■Watch as the egg drops inside the jar.

Lego balloon car

Check out this balloon powered lego car! Looks like a fun project that could become a contest between kids to see who's balloon car will go the farthest.

Explore the concept of time by making a sun dial #diy #kids #outdoors

a Do-It-Yourself Sundial. This simple yet effective sundial was made by placing a pencil in a ball of clay. Every hour a stone was placed to mark time. The sundial in the picture goes from 9 a.

Awesome Gross Science Experiments - fun science projects for kids - science fair projects

Gross Science Experiments

Help kids learn about the "ew" things in life! Make fake snot, find out what poop is made of, explore blood and more! Definitely not for the squeamish!

Magnet unit printable

This is a great idea for kids in the and grade. Have a list of materials that you have around the classroom. Have the kids go around with a magnet and see if the items are magnetic. If they are magnetic, have the

fairy tales.

Albert Einstein quote for children and reading: "“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Maybe adults should be read fairy tales as well.

Leuk zo'n grote pak met spullen. Met twee potjes met duidelijke etiquette hoeft het verder geen uitleg meer. Houdt ze wel even zoet.

Primary level science station for magnets. "Is it magnetic?" This sorting science station is appropriate for pre-k, kindergarten, primary grades, or preschool. With younger children be careful to ensure items size isn't a choking hazard.

liedje uitvinden op de wijs van kortjakje

liedje uitvinden op de wijs van kortjakje

paperclip and magnet maze

paperclip and magnet maze for motion unit