Jeanne-Tine van Vonderen

Jeanne-Tine van Vonderen
Eindhoven / Interior design, branding, copywriting, art
Jeanne-Tine van Vonderen
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I love this gradient of blues. I DON'T love aqua/teal but I love the texture of the bubbles and blues as they get darker

Nick Baumgartner

Nature's Artwork - Gecko Skin - natural texture, tonal colours and surface pattern inspiration for design- i like how this has a lot of textures from a net like section and then large circles that look like they are reflective like a mirror.

Herfstbladeren structuur

Photography: Remains of Autumn by Jessica Jenney. Sharla Hicks's Note: What amazes me is how much this looks like a painting. HDR photography: Uses multiple images to derive effect. HDR imaging exaggerates contrast for artistic effect.

In veel woningen is het kleinste kamertje meteen ook het onhandigste kamertje. Een kille ruimte, je knieen tegen de deur, een felle spot aan het plafond en een te klein spetterfonteintje.

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