Photorealistic Still Life

Photorealism is a major movement in contemporary art, in which the artist works directly from a photograph and reproduces the accuracy and effect of that photograph. Still life has always been a major part - perhaps even THE major part - of photorealist art, and this board represents the best contributions to the genre. Actual photographic still life falls outside the scope of this board. These are all paintings, and paintings only!
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Ketchup Bottle by Ralph Goings, American (1928 - ), circa 1990

Ketchup Bottle - Ralph Goings the pattern created from the table creates a water -like effect.

Artodyssey: James Neil Hollingsworth

original pinner says "This is amazing.maybe one day I can accomplish painting something so realistic.Oil on canvas (yes, it is a painting), by the amazing James Hollingsworth"

Stunning Photo Realistic Food Paintings by Luigi Benedicenti

Today we want to show you amazing example of hyper realistic painting. Featured below pictures aren't photographs but paintings. Their author is Italian artist Luigi Benedicenti. Born in 1948 and at