Still Life with Shells

Shells can be beautiful, colorful, and exotic, and they offer us a tangible link to our ancestral home; the ocean. Artists have seen the intrigue and power of shells since the beginning of art, and they feature prominently in a great many still life paintings. Photographic still life falls outside the scope of this board. It includes paintings only.
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FLOWERS - Balthasar van der Ast (Dutch, 1593-94 – 1657) - Floral Still Life with Shells; 1622

Balthasar van der Ast Floral Still Life with Shells 1622 Totally gaudy but would cheer up a room!

Sören Emil Carlsen (Danish/American, 1853-1932) Still Life with Oysters and Brass Jug

"Still Life with Oysters and Brass Jug," Emil Carlsen, oil on canvas, 26 x private collection.