Still Life with the Tools of Art

It should come as no surprise that artists turn to their immediate surroundings for inspiration... and nothing is more immediate than the studio itself. Great still life paintings often include the very tools used to create them; paints, palettes, brushes, etc. Photographic still life falls outside the scope of this board. It includes paintings only.
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Qiang Huang, Alizarin and Viridian. great edges a painter's painter

Alizarin and Viridian, painting by Qiang Huang [pronounced Chong Wong] Beijing, China;

David Cheifetz |

David Cheifetz=American painter David Cheifetz was born in the Pacific Northwest in A former architect, David started learning to paint with oils in the fall of 2007 while attending the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore snip.

Wang Fine Art: still life with paint tube and brushes, a paintin...

Youqing Wang (Chinese) - Still Life Oil, Paint Tubes, Brush, Book, 2014