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an image of a cartoon character with two speech bubbles above it that says sesamstraat ondekt object permanence
two texts are in the middle of a frame with blue and white designs on it
Tegelspreuken in het Nederlands
a toilet with a funny sign on the lid
a black and white photo with the words, some mensen zin net wolken, zordra ze verdwinnen is je dag mooi
Quotes - De geluksvogel
a blue and white frame with the words, i'm in mini bed, jit light in jouw bed
Leuke en wijze spreuken op tegeltjes (Nederlands) - 9
Tegelspreuken in het Nederlands
Tegelspreuken in het Nederlands
the words are written in different languages
Grappige cartoons; 25 jaar huwelijk...
a black and white photo with text that reads men at 25 play tennis men at 40 play tennis men at 60 play golf have you noticed that as you
65+ Ideas Birthday Quotes Hilarious Man
handwriting written on paper that says, when i see you what happens in my heart
Ha, lachen! Grappige quotes die jou en je lief precies omschrijven