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a blender sitting on top of a wooden table next to strawberries and bananas
Hand-Cranked Blender
We've had countless requests to bring this item back, and here it is. Enjoy the convenience of blending healthy, delicious foods and beverages anywhere, without electricity! Attach to a table, counter or even your tailgate using the heavy-duty C-clamp; then, add ingredients and turn the handle. It's that simple. BPA-free resin pitcher and cap are lightweight and shatter-resistant while retaining glass-like clarity Rugged stainless steel base and blades will...
a red coffee maker sitting on top of a wooden table next to a bottle opener
19 Beautiful Showcases of U-Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Homes
#kitchen #modernkitchenware
(80% OFF TODAY) Leakproof Containers Stand Up - Completely Plastic-Free
Made of 100% pure platinum silicone and is completely plastic-free. NO Pollution!!!Good for your health!!! Virtually indestructible and endlessly reusable, these new containers will change the way you store, cook and even eat!
Ontdek de magie van NEFF Slide&Hide®
Geef je creativiteit de ruimte met NEFF Slide&Hide®. De enige oven met de deur die verdwijnt.
an open drawer with different types of food in it
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Lade met vakken voor veel gebruikte ingrediënten als ui, knoflook, ...
an open cabinet in the middle of a kitchen with spices and condiments on it
Accessories - Pull-outs | kitchenfashions
Kitchen Renovation | Fredericton | Kitchen Fashions | Accessories - Pull-outs
the drawers are open and ready to be used
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an open drawer in the middle of a kitchen with fruits and vegetables stacked inside it
49 Stunning Kitchen Organization Cabinets Decorations and Design Ideas #kitchen design ideas
an open metal bin filled with onions and other vegetables next to a wooden counter top
an outdoor kitchen with brick oven and grill
I like this lil side hole thingy
I like this lil side hole thingy
an open drawer in the middle of a kitchen counter with vegetables and other items on it
Chairish | For Chic And Unique Homes
useful storage bins & baskets for bread or veggies
an open drawer in the corner of a kitchen
Home - Beautiful Cabinets
Sooooo much better than a lazy susan.....Corner drawers. An alternative to having a lazy susan in the corner.