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Bookmark Corner Characters- my kids are gonna love this!!!- 1st week activity to get them psyched about reading #education #reading #teachers #school #classroom
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14 Lovely Days: Day 2

Well, we've been living in the land of the crud all week and the last 2 days I've had all three home sick. Cabin fever is setting in! I tried really hard to keep the peace today. I let the boys pick their "territory". Sam chose my bedroom and Fulton chose the den. Ollie just roamed and took turns visiting his brothers in their territories. It was an interesting day to say the least. I'm just hoping everyone is well enough to go to school tomorrow. Any who... on to Day 2. My random act for…


Pendulum Painting

This spirograph-inspired project from TV crafter Jim "Figgy" Noonan combines science and art to create a one-of-a-kind design.

This is a great activity to show kids how salt melts ice.  It's really beautiful too as you watch the colors sink into the crevasses  of the ice.  #experiment #science #salt
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Ice Sculptures

We were inspired by the Artful Parent in doing this fun science experiment….watching how salt melts ice. Supplies: Milk carton Water Kosher salt Food coloring Baking pan or tray Directions: F…

Hamsa Multicultural Craft from the Middle East- Kid World Citizen

Ward off the Evil Eye with this Hamsa Craft for Kids

This easy, but stunning craft is a great multicultural art project for kids to do at home!

popsicle stick catapult
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Account Suspended

popsicle stick catapult

Rainbow Bubbles

Preschool science - rainbow bubbles

Make rainbow bubbles. Visible Light from the sun is known as white light. It contains a range of colours all with different wave lengths that when together form white light. These colour are Richard Of York Gave Battle in Vain

Pumpkin the hedgehog