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dunkin'sprited coffee drinks are displayed in front of boxes
Boozy Dunkin' Spiked Expands Distribution To 15 More States
Dunkin' Spiked is riding the wave of its buzzy launch last summer and making major moves. The brand just announced an expansion of their distribution, now hitting a total of 28 states. Since last year's debut, Dunkin' Spiked has become the go-to hard coffee in the Northeast and snagged the top spot in flavored malt in the same region. Now, they're ascending a level up, by expanding Dunkin' Spiked to stores across Georgia, Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Louisiana, Illinois, Virginia, and Indiana in the first half of 2024. To celebrate this expansion, Dunkin' Spiked is throwing a sweepstakes until May 31 for all the 21+ folks in the eligible states. Winners can expect a year's stash of Dunkin' Spiked, a year's worth of Dunkin' Coffee, Dunkin' Spiked Collection swag packs, Du
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Dunkin Churro Cake Doughnut
doughnut rolled in cinnamon sugar
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Dunkin’ Pours New SPARKD’ Energy Drinks
Dunkin’ today announced an innovation in energizing iced beverages with the debut of SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’ – a new, fruit-flavored way to run on Dunkin’. SPARKD’ Energy is a new iced drink designed to provide a revitalizing burst of energy, made with vitamins, minerals and a kick of caffeine. Rolling out in two sparkling, fruit flavors – Berry Burst with raspberry and strawberry flavors and Peach Sunshine with vibrant lychee and peach flavors – SPARKD’ Energy brings a fresh perspective on the classic idea of an energy drink. Crafted to offer a boost, SPARKD’ Energy is bursting with fruity flavors to give fans a new way to power through their day.
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Dunkin’ Launches New Breakfast Empanada, Churro Signature Latte And More As Part Of 2024 Spring Line
Dunkin’ is doubling down on spring with a collection of new seasonal offerings, including never-before-seen menu items, from cinnamon-forward sips and Churro Donuts to Dunkin’s first-ever Breakfast Empanada and Banana Chocolate Chip Bread. Let’s take a closer look at the new menu items you can expect to find at a Dunkin’ in your area starting February 21, 2024: Churro Signature Latte: Available iced or hot, combines smooth espresso with a sweet churro flavor, topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and a dusting of cinnamon sugar. Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee: A blend of Dunkin’s original coffee and cream, studded with notes of churro and vanilla flavors, enjoyed iced or hot. Churro Donut: Rolled in cinnamon sugar for a sweet, crunchy exterior, this deep-fried cake donut offers
dunkin'blueberry and strawberry muffins are on display in front of the packaging
Celebrate spring with Dunkin’ Chocolate Covered Strawberry Flavored Coffee and Dunkin’ Blueberry Muf
the dunkin'donuts are being served on their own burgers and drinks
Dunkin's New DunKings Menu Includes a Munchkins Skewer
Dunkin' introduces the new, limited-time DunKings menu, which includes The DunKings Munchkin Skewer among other menu items. The new DunKings Munchkins Skewer is exactly what it sounds like: it's a plastic skewer that spears three assorted Munchkins donut holes. The skewer can be ordered as is for an on-the-go snack or added to any beverage (for aesthetic reasons?). Other limited-time fast food items on the DunKing menu, include: - The DunKing's Iced Coffee - An iced coffee with cream and vanilla flavor, topped with Sweet Cold Foam and cinnamon-sugar. They're billing the beverage as actor/director Ben Affleck's "first-ever official coffee order on the Dunkin' menu." - Everything Encore Breakfast Sandwich - Sweet Black Pepper Seasoned Bacon, white cheddar cheese, and egg, served on an ev
three bottles of dunkin glazed donut syrup
New Mrs. Butterworth's Dunkin' Glazed Donut Syrup Arrives in Stores
Mrs. Butterworth's brand syrup and Dunkin' have partnered to release new Mrs. Butterworth's Dunkin' Glazed Donut Flavored Pancake Syrup. The new syrup was developed with Dunkin's culinary team and offers the "sweet vanilla flavor notes of a fried glazed donut." They suggest using it to top pancakes and waffles as well as yogurt, oatmeal, biscuits, and more. Mrs. Butterworth's Dunkin' Glazed Donut Flavored Pancake Syrup starting rolling out last month to grocery retailers across the US as well as online stores. A 24-oz bottle carries a suggested price of $4.19.
two bottles of dunkin's donuts are shown in this ad for dunkin '
Dunkin' Glazed Donut Syrup
Dunkin' has teamed up with Mrs. Butterworth's for a new Glazed Donut syrup that is rolling out nationwide now and should be on shelves any day. This syrup features the sweet vanilla flavor of a fried glazed donut which I am more than happy to slather on my pancakes! It is *not* an exclusive so you'll be able to find it at grocery stores and mass retailers.
a plastic cup filled with ice cream and donuts
Dunkin’ White Hazelnut Bark Coffee
I expected this to be a more white-chocolate-forward drink with hints of hazelnut, but I had the opposite experience: the first flavor that came through was distinctly nutty. Don’t get me wrong, this coffee is certainly sweet and creamy too, but so are sugar and cream, so I wasn’t sure which part of that profile screamed “white chocolate” specifically. And while I absolutely love white chocolate, even I must admit that it’s not the most distinctive beverage flavor, so it makes sense that the hazelnut component would be more dominant. In any case, I enjoyed the White Hazelnut Bark Coffee. I just can’t say it was the most unique experience
pumpkin munchkin drink on display for sale in a grocery store with other orange drinks
Dunkin Pumpkin Munchkin coffee creamer is out now in US for making at home
the dunkin'winter menu is shown with different types of donuts and drinks
Dunkin winter menu
The lineup brings a lot of returning favorites back like the Pink Velvet Macchiato, the Pancake Wake-Up Wraps, and the Sweet Black Pepper Snacking Bacon. They are releasing the White Hazelnut Bark coffee that you can get in both iced and hot varieties and I'm excited for the new Frosted Red Velvet Donut that has cream cheese flavored chocolate curls on the iced red velvet cake donut. And the Valentine's Day donuts return on January 31st including the Brownie Batter Donut which is one of the Dunkin GOATs of the donut world along with the Cupid's Choice and the different heart shaped and Valentine's Day sprinkled donuts.
a pink and black drink sitting on top of a white table
Pink Velvet Macchiato Returns to Dunkin' for Winter 2023
The Pink Velvet Macchiato returns to Dunkin' as part of the 2023 seasonal winter menu, which is set to arrive nationwide on December 27, 2023. The Valentine's-friendly drink features a pink-and-brown layered color scheme made with milk mixed with a Red Velvet Swirl (a pink syrup with the flavors of red velvet cake with hints of cream cheese icing), topped with a float of two espresso shots. You can order it hot or iced. While it's available you can also get the Red Velvet Swirl added to a number of drinks, including lattes, drip coffee, cold brew, frozen coffee, and frozen chocolate. The Pink Velvet Macchiato was first introduced in January of 2020.
there is a poster on the side of a donut and some other food items
Dunkin’ Adds New White Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee, Alongside Pink Velvet Macchiato And More For Winte
Dunkin’ celebrates winter 2023 with the introduction of new White Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee alongside the return of Pink Velvet Macchiato and more starting December 27, 2023. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find on the menu at a Dunkin’ in your area this winter: New White Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee: This drink marries the flavors of warm, toasted hazelnut with the sweetness of creamy white chocolate flavor to create a warming winter drink, regardless of whether it’s served hot or iced. Pink Velvet Macchiato: A layered drink with espresso, red velvet cake flavor and notes of cream cheese frosting. Available hot or iced, the Pink Velvet Macchiato will be available through late February 2024. Frosty Red Velvet Specialty Donut: A red velvet cake base, topped with vanilla-f
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Dunkin' welcomes new doughnut, brings back Pancake Wake-Up Wrap The brand also brings back its Sweet
As winter rolls in, Dunkin’ will be debuting a new, seasonal menu launching nationwide on December 27. The winter menu features an array of flavors, headlined by the return of the Pink Velvet Macchiato and the Pancake Wake-Up Wrap. Adding a new twist to the season, the menu also features the debut of White Hazelnut Bark Coffee. To complement Dunkin's Pink Velvet Macchiato, the brand is doubling down on the flavor’s fanfare with the new Frosty Red Velvet Specialty Donut. The indulgent doughnut features a red velvet cake base, topped with vanilla-flavored icing and cream cheese-flavored sprinkles. In addition, the brand's Pancake Wake-Up Wrap makes a return. It features a fluffy pancake wrapped around bacon or sausage, egg, and melted cheese, paired with a side of maple syrup for dipping.
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Dunkin’ Spiced Cookie Coffee
If you’re ready to trade in your pumpkin spice for less squash-themed offerings, Dunkin’s holiday menu is here, and perhaps the least flashy item on it is the new Spiced Cookie Coffee. Available hot or iced, it’s made with a short list of coffee, brown sugar cookie syrup, vanilla syrup, and oat milk. After my recent run-in with the Ice Spice Munchkin Drink, I was ready to scale back and have a coffee that wasn’t buried in whipped cream, caramel, and donuts. Dunkin’ says this one “captures the es