Meervoudige intelligentie

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Multiple Intelligences.

giraffes can't dance lesson plan: write about something that is hard to do, but worth trying. connect to idea that we all learn in different ways

ESL Learning Styles: 9 Ways to Teach Visual Learners

ESL Learning Styles: 9 Ways to Teach Interpersonal Learners

Students in the The Walking Classroom program listen to entertaining and educational standards-aligned podcasts while they walk. Different learning styles are addressed, and all students return to the classroom in brighter moods with oxygenated brains that are better able to focus.

ESL Learning Styles: 9 Ways to Teach Tactile-Kinesthetic Learners

How to address different learning styles in the classroom - Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Techniques. | 360 Education Solutions

How do you optimize study time for different learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinestetic (VAK)?

Activiteiten bij de seizoenen die de principes van de meervoudige intelligenties volgen.

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