Flowers - good for cutting and gluing for junior primary kids and a good way to use up the big pile of magazines I have too.

These hanging flowers are pretty large and they make lovely spring decorations. You can make them from paper sheets but you can als.

sculpture 3D flowers craft rolls

sculpture flowers craft rolls -- very pretty and a great craft for older grade school kids

2nd GRADE--Van Gogh Sunflowers. Can even have students grid own paper to do several flowers!

Van Gogh Sunflowers group art using warm/cool oil pastels. We could do a sun art project instead of sunflowers. grade energy and art

vrolijke vogel. verf

DIY Big Cardboard Birds - Great decor for the bird theme classroom or homeschool room! I would put one in each area - reading, writing, math, etc.


Summer DIY: Stamp Bubbles, and you diving into it! Don't forget the 'straw' and goggles.

My Summer Memories Art-Phone: A Back to school Art and Writing creative lesson…

Back to School Art & Creative Writing Activity 'My Summer Memories'

zeilboot spiegelbeeld in het water

kindergarten sailboat reflections using construction paper crayons. Vocabulary: horizon line, horizontal line, and reflection.

Zwaan in spiegelbeeld groep 4

Swan Reflections Art Lesson This art lesson can be used for grade and up. This is a great lesson in symmetry for the upper grades.

Koolmees. Groep 4, kleurpotlood op papier. Jan 2014

Koolmees. Groep 4, kleurpotlood op papier. Jan 2014

Flamingo in spiegelbeeld groep 4

grade flamingo reflections (could print the reflection with paint or wetting markers, pastels, etc) watercolor colored pencils

Swing from an empty shoe box

Swing from an empty shoe box. Paint the shoebox, add the rope and "child", scoot it up so no strain on the swing when adding other things in box. After kids empty box, they find one last treasure.