flash cubes

Kodak Instamatic Camera with GE Flashcube. This was a major innovation in its time. I just remember burning my fingers when I changed the flashcube.

retro, especially 80s.....past things I miss, still listen to 80s music and still love black, etc...

Stunning design from Newbreed Girl with the This Is How I Roll print on a black womens tshirt. The graphic shows a retro cassette tape with mix written on it spinning on a pencil. The title of the shirt is written on it in a bright funky font.

Seriously....who did not have one of these?!?

My wonderful grandmother made crochet toilet paper covers.this represents a wonderful person in my life.


This was before digital cameras. We'd take our pictures and then take the roll of film somewhere to have it developed and prints made. I remember my first camera.a Brownie that took black & white pictures.


Mixed tapes for the one you thought you could never live without awe. Such sad young

Vintage Celluloid Baby Toy

Vintage Celluloid Baby Toy

Vintage Celluloid baby toy with a twisted handle. It does not rattle but turns, when you shake it. It measures approximately 5 inches long and the blue and cream colored ball is 2 inches in diameter.

OMG - der fahrradkorb

OMG - der fahrradkorb As a toddler i fell out-the scar is still visible today

Telefoon met draaischijf. Vandaar dat we een "nummer draaien". De onze hing in de hal.

The phone in my grandparents' house was on the wall, identical to this one!

Oud stofdoekenmandje / poetsdoekenmandje

Oud stofdoekenmandje / poetsdoekenmandje* heb ik nog steeds in gebruik.


Küchenwaage - I have a kitchen scale that I found at a flea market (flohmarkt) in Frankfurt