TriBeCa Loft Residence / A I Design Corp

TriBeCa Loft Residence / A+I Design Corp

Coffee Shop / 314 Architecture Studio

Gallery of Coffee Shop / 314 Architecture Studio - 6

wooden mirror by daniel rozin @ the W hotel {seoul}....

interior wall decor design pattern finishing wooden mirror by daniel rozin @ the W hotel {seoul}

Doors on the wall

De Borneohof / Peter Geusebroek

Wall texture of reclaimed doors and stair details. De Borneohof, Amsterdam, by Peter Geusebroek


Erosion Series by Jessica Drenk - PVC pipe on panel (found material, off… | 2010-01-03 clinker bricks on hawthorne | There is a wonderful building on SE Hawthorne in Portland, OR and the front facade is built using clinker bricks which gives a fascinating texture and look to the structure. Here's a definition of the term: "Originally discarded because they were discolored or distorted, around 1920 clinker bricks were re-discovered by Craftsmen architects to be usable, distinctive, and charming in detailing. The name "clinker brick" comes…

Clinker-Brick Apartment house on SE Hawthorne - Clinker bricks are created when they are too near the fire in the kiln and form odd shapes. Generally they aren't used in building, but this shot shows what a unique appearance they can give a building.

Interactive art with wooden mirrors - The wooden mirror (1/4) - YouTube

is featured wooden mirror uses 830 square pieces of gold-toned pine, each wired to its own tiny servomotor.