Industrial House Number DIY

Industrial House Numbers Is it time to replace your house number sign? This project is very simple and easy yet brilliant. It is creative and also a more secure sign that can survive a typhoon. (My old house number was destroyed by a strong one two yea


Creative Lettering: Artistic Alphabets for bujo writing. Alfabetten Curly Q alphabet font, for hand lettering in journal

Wat een mooi geweven ding, ook zoiets maken voor op de muur?

Finished up this special order today. Can't get enough of that chartreuse roving! // I like the earth tone colors on this one and the natural stick for the rod

Learn a simple technique for basic hand lettering!

Basic Hand Lettering: step Find the down strokes and draw a second line next to them.

Boomschijf met spijkers als kaartenhouder.

tree slice card or art print display, smaller scale could be a business card Holder!

Cactus #raamtekening in de etalage van

Create your own window drawing in just 5 steps! Draw on your window, glass door or actually it can be on any smooth transparent surface!