leuk om iets te maken met de herinneringen van de geboorte

Time for some Action – wat kun je doen met spullen van de Action?

Simple cylinder HDPE natural round bottle with stock twist-and-lock pump and a minimalist label, packaged in a shipping tube. Simple. Cool. Minimal. Amore + Föllinge - The Dieline -

Amore + Föllinge

Amore + Föllinge Amore, in collaboration with one of their clients, Föllinge crafted a soap and lotion gift set as a give-away to celebrate the beginning of fall and to give themselves and their clients a much-needed treat.


if you put your promo collateral in an interesting packing, your clients will know how creative you are

SUPPLY PAPER CO. | chipboard shipping label

Thin cardboard (cereal box) cut into tags, other printed side covered with scrapbook paper ~ IHeart Organizing

designer concept by Patrick Sung green package design project is entitled UPS – for Universal Packaging System

Designer Patrick Sung came up with the idea of flat sheets of recyclable corrugated cardboard called the Universal Packaging System or UPACKS. Fold & conform to any shape while maintaining structural rigidity and protecting the contents.

shipping tubes

The final design included a customized tube, insert card, mailing label and custom-designed postage stamp. One new member already noted it as 'a great example of a membership package done right: the design is impeccable.'" Designed by Hovard Design

stationary packaging ideas

cardboard gift box with paper shred padding, tied with letterpress card and cotton ribbon. Great idea for my invitation sets packaging.