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Ben Fry, Comparing the genetic code of two people

Scanadu Scout 'medical tricorder' for smartphones breaks crowdfunding record

Straight out of Star Trek, a 'medical tricorder' called the Scanadu Scout, has made $1.6 million in crowdfunding. It can check heart rate & ECG, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate and oximetry. But can it detect hangovers?

Review: Mother

The Mother Home Sensor helps you monitor almost every aspect of your home life. From tracking fitness goals to making sure kids brush their teeth, this is technology that's designed to make your life better. The Strauss WaterBar's leading edge technology works for you - changing the way you think, drink and live with water. Visit to learn more.

Google Life Sciences, Alphabet's Health Care Moonshot Lab, Is Now Called 'Verily'

Google Life Sciences, Alphabet’s Health Care Moonshot Lab, Is Now Called ‘Verily’

philips ambient experience - Google-søgning

The bright lighting is futuristic and certainly "high tech" looking at this MRI scan room location.

The Asthma Wellness Kit by Cenk Aytekin Makes Exercising Easier for Asthmatics

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Withings Launches Incredibly Sophisticated

You may know Withings for its beautiful smart watches, but the company has had a long history of health tracking devices. The $100 Withings Thermo is keeping..

Created for Jer Thorp’s Data Representation class at ITP, Objects in Orbit is an interactive data visualization of the satellites and space junk orbiting Earth. The visualization was created in Processing and uses data obtained from CelesTrak and the UCS Satellite Database.

Jonathan Corum is the founder of 13pt, a design studio that strives for the clear, simple presentation of data-rich information.