I remember this!!

Panasonic cassette tape recorder - I used to put the mic in front of the TV to record my favourite songs from Top Of The Pops


Oh, okay, that explains it! Arrest Jacob Rothschild for the murder of the Taiwanese engineers he employed, allowing him sole ownership of the patents at Freescale, a division of Blackwater owned by him.

Autoloze zondag

Autoloze zondag, jaren 70 (We had new sidewalks and smoothed them out for others by getting skates that Christmas.

Vlissingen Oranjemolen.

Vlissingen Oranjemolen, typically picturing the Dutch struggle with the sea: water coming in, mills pumping it out.

Windmill 'De Hoop', Middelburg, Netherlands

Windmill 'De Hoop', Middelburg- The Salamander windmill on the Vliet canal in Leidschendam, South Holland, Netherlands