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there are many different pictures of people on the street and one is holding a bag
Pirate Printers: Shirts and Totes Printed Directly on Urban Utility Covers — Colossal
Pirate Printers: Shirts and Totes Printed Directly on Urban Utility Covers
a drawing of a man with a hat on his head and arms crossed, standing in front of a white background - Holly Meade reach road gallery woodcut wood cut artwork artist maine gallery illustration blue hill Resources and Information.
Man in Gorilla Suit - Linocut by Holly Meade 2007
a person with their hands on a piece of paper that has writing all over it
Christmas books - Angie Lewin
The Bowerbird: Christmas books - Angie Lewin Block printing
a black and white drawing of flowers
Items similar to Poppy Field on Etsy
Poppy Field. by Helen Maxfield - linocut - lino print
a wooden carving of a horse with wings on it
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Tugboat Printshop is the home woodblock print studio of artists Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth. They create their prints completely by hand—art, woodblock carving, printing and all. In doing so, they hope to preserve and expand the art of woodcutting and woodblock prints. They try to keep pieces affordable but of high-quality, using only top-shelf materials.
a drawing on paper with flowers and leaves in the center, surrounded by water lilies
Lino & Woodcut Prints
Lino, printmaking
two red flowers are next to some wood shavings and a card with the word hilo's on it
Linogravure #1 - Hibiscus
*Tadaam !: Linogravure #1 - Hibiscus
a blue and white drawing of a bear's head on a white paper towel
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Cobalt Blue Linocut Bear Face Woodblock van WeThinkSmall op Etsy