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an orange background with blue flowers on it
©Jes Brabers - surface pattern designs and stamp making
an orange and white flower pattern on a yellow background with the words, fes
©Jes Brabers - surface pattern designs and stamp making
a blue background with white flowers on it
print & pattern
John Lewis textile
a blue and white flower print fabric
Lovely Pattern
great bag  MIOMIO Patchwork, Origami, Japanese Knot Bag, Japanese Bag, Pouch, Fabric Bags, Bag Pattern, Bag, Hobo Bag
great bag MIOMIO
an abstract pattern with circles in grey and white
CUBICLE REFUGEE - sarahrenwick: mushroom pattern from line...
pattern | mushroom
a black and white drawing of buildings on the wall in front of a clock tower
Hello Glucklich
In Holland staat een huis:-) wall stickers
a wedding card with flowers on it next to a vase and flower potted plant
party invitations - Peony Frame
party invitations - Peony Frame by Alethea and Ruth
a blue and white plate with flowers painted on it
print & pattern
Lotta Jansdotter
blue and white dishes with flower designs on them
print & pattern
Lotta Jansdotter
a blue and white place mat with an abstract design on the front, featuring flowers
fiona howard prints