Jesi Hille

Jesi Hille

Via pinterest doe ik graag inspiratie op voor nieuwe fotoprojecten. Kijk, pin, creëer. Pinterest inspires me to pick up new photo projects. Look, pin, create
Jesi Hille
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Nasir Rajab, 22. Warrior. Mage: Korina Dimitriou. Grew up in an "orphanage" in a former more Middle Eastern/Arabic island country (name TBD) conquered by Ablijan 100 years before, the "orphanage" owned by the Mortuaa assassin ring. The ring has orphanages spread across almost every country (except Nordun and a few others) where they take in the abandoned kids and train them to be assassins.

Getting it wrong because it's based on Bronze Age values, outlined by misogynist middle eastern men, marginalized by their cultural superiors.

Gary Cooper, 1941

Gary Cooper received five Academy Award nominations for Best Actor, winning twice for Sergeant York and High Noon. He also received an Honorary Award in 1961 from the Academy.

Clint Eastwood

Fine Art Portraits like to go to the other extreme. Portraits of older actors, and most notably Clint Eastwood, have portraits taken in black and white which accentuate the lines and blemishes and harsh effects of being alive for a long time.