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Provisional Solutions By Thomas Meyer |

Sofas are one of the more expensive pieces of furniture for your home. This project can be built around any cushions you may already have, or even a mattress to make it into a daybed. Check out the website for the full instructions and material list:

Chris Court Photography (deze gast maakt echt zulke gestileerde foto's)

Scientific American Volume 309, Issue 3 Interessant artikel over hoe onze 'smaak' wordt beïnvloed. Misschien kunnen we dit ook koppelen aan het 'gewoon' maken van het eten van wegwerp voedsel, dat het dan ineens niet meer vies is.

Er wordt ons iets op de mouw ge-spelt… | ELLE Eten

Stoneware mug, Charcoal black matte glaze with blue soft glass and seashells, Cone 6 oxidation

Stoneware mug Charcoal black matte glaze with by ShadowMayStudios, $45.00

Hand thrown ceramic cup from Julia Paul Pottery. Would love to drink my morning coffee out of one of these. #erindollar

2 pieces of moody creative ceramic mug "Love feets"

Copenhagen Coffee Mug (Mint)

Copenhagen Coffee Mug Mint by paperandclaystudio on Etsy

Limited Edition Winter Landscape Mug by paperandclaystudio, Etsy, $48.00