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Banksy | art to some, heresy to others. Either way, it's the most appealing and compelling form of social commentary that I've ever witnessed.

Funny pictures about If you repeat a lie. Oh, and cool pics about If you repeat a lie. Also, If you repeat a lie.

great idea for shape and value

Hatching and value practice. Varied texture rendition through the use of cross hatching allows the form of the object to be explored.

Marianela Nunez and Carlos Acosta in Don Q

Wonder how nany times he dropoed her before they got this move down. pas-de-chat-saute-de-chat: adayofballet: Marianela Nunez and Carlos Acosta in Don Q i love them so much it actually pains me

GIF Svetlana Strebko, Vaganova.

thenextfamous: Svetlana Strebko, Vaganova idk if this gif already exists but….the turnout

Banksy's work is some of the most thought provoking art I have ever seen. Such a bold statement of war.

Makes perfect sense. Killing people is wrong. We, Americans, are killing people too yet we are not the bad guys ?its irony on the base level but i like it.

Taking a break

Wouldn't you love to take this old row boat out in to the bay side of Anna Maria Island for a picnic.

Secret base, Thomas Gibault on ArtStation at

Secret base, Thomas Gibault on ArtStation

Grand Marais Lighthouse. Love it here!

The wave get really huge before the lake freezes over in the winter in Grand Marais MN

Golden Mist'

The dinghy Kila, Maro, Delia, and Geiel take to meet the orcs and scounts, the…

David Martiashvili

Cases i veïns: il·lustracions de David Martiashvili / Casas y vecinos: ilustraciones de David Martiashvili / Houses and neighbors illustrations of David Martiashvili