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a woman in an apron is standing next to a tank with missiles on the side
W1942 ... 'Everything for the Victory!' | artist- Kokrekin | James Vaughan
een propaganda van Rusland in de Koude Oorlog
a crowd of people standing on the side of a road
Val van de Berlijnse Muur
several people sitting on top of a wall with graffiti all over it and one person standing in the middle
val van de Berlijnse muur
black and white photograph of two men in suits walking with other men behind them wearing hats
Mikoyan's "Mission Impossible" in Cuba: New Soviet Evidence on the Cuban Missile Crisis
Dit zijn de belangrijke mannen van de cuba crisis.
a man standing on top of a red and white jet
50 years after Cuba missile crisis, US influence in hemisphere waning
Een bom wat verstopt was in cuba om de mensen in Amerika te latten schrikken
a map of the british virgin islands
Do you remember the Cuban missile crisis?
een plattegrond van cuba in de koude Oorlog.
an old black and white photo shows the location of launch stands at 17 missile erectors
Cuban Missile Crisis U.s by Everett
Waar de bommen waren in Cuba is hier
black and white photograph of a man in suit and tie looking at the camera with serious look on his face
dit is President John F. Kennedy. Hij was een van de belangerijke mensen in de koude oorlog
an american flag and a red background with the words omstaan twe machtsbloken
Koude Oorlog
an image of two men sitting at a table
Cartoon Koude oorlog