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The Bearded Dragon Diet – 7 Top Foods

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Iguanas fall ill to this disease should they have endured from malnutrition. If your iguana becomes too near the tank's heat supply, it may get burned. Throughout the last few decades, iguanas have become rather popular as exotic pets.

Amazing Iguana Enclosure. Love to have one in the future.

Amazing cage design showcase using SAFARI LTD figures. The Effective Pictures We Offer You About Exotic pets reptiles A quality …

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Walkthrough of a bearded dragon enclosure build. This is actually a complete en.

Building a big stackable 7x2x2 enclosure

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DIY: Building A Reptile Rock Wall - Gecko Time

In today's Do It Yourself post we have some guest authors who are going to show you how to make your own reptile Rock Wall! We have explained in detail the products you need and the steps you should take to create your very own rocky playground for your gecko.

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Fake Rock Build for Bearded Dragon

Here is a picture-by-picture of how my fake rock build went from start to (almost) finished. I got the polystyrene from Wickes and started carving