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Millionaire Mompreneur™ Project
Are you making these Instagram mistakes? 👇 Check-in with your content, are you making these mistakes? - You're not using location tags—this is a great way to get a broader reach! - You're not using the right hashtags, or enough! Yuo can use THIRTY hashtags, and they should ALL be relevant to your content. - You're not showing your real self. - You're not engaging with others. Engage with other accounts and like, comment, and repost their content to your IG stories. Be social!
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Millionaire Mompreneur™ Project
Get after it in the morning with these super easy marketing tips (and a big cup of coffee, of course! ☕️😉) 🌟 Set attainable short-term goals to achieve within a certain time frame (i.e start posting 7 days a week by August). 🌟 Focus on marketing strategies that attract customers TO YOU. 🌟 Pay attention to your analytics. 🌟 Check-in on your competition, but don't become obsessed or you will likely get caught in the #comparisonitis trap - been there, done that!
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Millionaire Mompreneur™ Project
Instagram Stories is one of the greatest ways to generate leads for your business! So, what should you actually talk about and show on IG Stories? Here are a few tips: 💜 If you offer a product or service, this is a great opportunity to show it in use. 💜 Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your life. 💜 You can use up to 10 hashtags in every story—this is a great way to expand your reach! 💜 Ask questions or take a poll—this is a fun way to engage with your audience!
the words selling on etsy in 2019 and how to successfully get started with it
Is Etsy Oversaturated?
Is Etsy too crowded in 2019? Is it too late to get started? Here's what you need to know before opening your etsy shop in 2019 in a crowded marketplace. #etsy #etsyshop #openanetsyshop
the words 6 proven strategy to supercharge profits and growth
Free Stuff | Hannah Louise Online
It's so important to have a well crafted plan for your business. Get my proven marketing strategies for female entrepreneurs for free - get your free download here! Includes social media, branding, marketing and upscaling.
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Course Creation: A Step by Step Guide - Jenna Kutcher
I’ve taught over 14,000 paid students through my courses sine 2015. Last year my courses brought in over $2.5 million and I do between $5K-$10K a day in automated course sales and today I'm talking about why online courses could be great for your business, the absolute FIRST thing to do, picking your topic, choosing your platform, building the curriculum, how to price and position your course and setting yourself up for future success. It's all here. Click through to read or tune in!
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HOW TO DO AN END OF YEAR REVIEW YOU CAN BUILD ON #blogger #podcaster #mompreneur #businesscoach #womaninbusiness #lifestyle
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HOW TO CREATE LESS CONTENT WITH MORE IMPACT - MASTERING YOUR ONE THING EXPERTISE #business #mompreneur #WAHM #entrepreneur #businesstrategy #businessowner #womaninbusiness #content #motherhood
a man standing on top of a ladder with the words set your goals and stick to them
2019 new years resolutions. Set your goals and stick to them If you want to crush your goals using the S.M.A.R.T. goals technique is the way to go. If you have heard of SMART goal setting but you know how to, read this for a step by step guide. #GoalSetting #SMARTgoal #Slayyourgoals
the milliairee mompreneur project with jamie harris blvd
Today is a big day around here as I launch the new shift to my brand from Jessie Harris Bouton and the RUSH Hour Podcast to the Millionaire Mompreneur Project. Eeekk!!!! I'm so excited to share with you the 8 points of branding that will help you attract and connect with ideal clients but more importantly turn them into happily paying clients. #millionairmompreneurproject #podcast #podcaster #blogger #businessinspiration #mompreneur #biztips
the milliairee mompreneur project with jamie harris blvd
In this episode, I share a little back story of how I found and fell in love with network marketing and the 3 key strategies that changed everything for me... That my up-line just didn't know to tell me or how to tell me to do. After learning and implementing these three strategies (and spoiler alert, there's a few extras), everything in my network marketing business began to change for the better and it can for you too. #podcast #podcaster #businesscoach #businessgrowthexpert #mompreneur #WA
the words how to choose the best niche for your new blog on top of a desk
Starting a blog is an awesome idea! But how do you know what to blog ABOUT? Choose the best niche so you can grow a successful blog! #startablog #blogging #niche #business #entrepreneur
a pink background with the words 10 awesome ways to get more traffic to your blog
Are you constantly trying to get more blog traffic? You need to make your website look awesome. Check out these blog traffic tips to help you increase your chances of getting blog posts Pinned & shared. Learn how to go viral on Pinterest on any social med
a woman with her hands on her hips and the words how i tripled my engagement
Why I rebranded my blog and then tripled my engagement. One of my most popular blog posts. Read the full story of how I rebranded my blog and got amazing results. Julie Solomon #JulieSolomon #blogging #bloggingtips #branding #engagement #Business #Rebrand
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Millionaire Mompreneur Project Podcast
Today I am sharing the 3 ways I have gained 100 new subscribers over the last 30 days without paid ads. Whoop! It’s simple, it’s easy and you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using these 3 strategies yet yourself. #themillionairemompreneurproject #podcast #blogger #blog #business #fempreneur #mompreneur #WAHM #marketing #email