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an old dresser painted with blue and white dots
An interesting way to do a multi-colour finish without doing a straight ombre finish. #paintedfurnitiure #furnituremakeover #furnitureflip
an old window frame with some plants and lights hanging from it's sides on the wall
Gebruik LED kerstverlichting om jouw decoratiespulletjes net dat beetje extra te geven… 8 SCHITTERENDE voorbeelden!
Gebruik LED Kerstverlichting Om Jouw Decoratiespulletjes Net Dat Beetje Extra Te Geven… 8 SCHITTERENDE Voorbeelden!
the cover of drawn to stitch by given hedley, with an image of torn paper and
Drawn to Stitch: Line, Drawing, and Mark-Making in Textile Art
a person is holding a pen and drawing on a piece of paper with watercolors
Dotting with alcohol ink during one of my online tutoring sessions :) - So many people have asked about lessons that I'll be sharing info in a new post soon! Stay tuned.
the process for painting marbles is shown in three different pictures, including one being melted and
Marbled Paperweight
Marbled Paperweight DIY. These pretty rainbow rocks are perfect for brightening up your desk! With just some nail polish and water, you can transform an ordinary rock into your own marbled paperweight.
black and white photograph of an elephant's trunk with its tusks curled up
Baby Elephant Seeking Comfort Animal Canvas Wall Art Print by Unknown
a glass vase with moss and an ornament in it on a table next to a window
This would make a lovely Easter centerpiece
several different types of ties laid out on top of each other in various patterns and sizes
DIY - Kreatívne
Pinned onto Kreatívne nápady a inšpirácieBoard in Nezaradené Category
some tin cans are being filled with paint and a hand is using a hammer to fix them
Stop throwing out tin cans! Here's a list of 50 wonderful projects to make!
Hang These Simple Tin Can Lanterns with Handles
there are pictures of different types of grills on the table and in front of them
How to Make a DIY Printing Press from a Panini Press - Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo
How to Make a DIY Printing Press from a Panini Press - How to make a simple DIY Printing Press to block print and linoleum cut print.
some pictures of different things that are hanging on the wall and in front of a bed
DIY Doily Craft Ideas - The Idea Room
an artisticly designed box is shown in three different views
Home - Cherie Bosela - Mixed Media Mosaic Artist
Mosaic art by Cherie Bosela