Hoe maak je nou een campinghoek als je geen tent hebt of kwijt kunt? Nou, ZO! Ideaal!

Camping Classroom theme-reading by the campfire all year! (Chairs from Walmart, AstroTurf from Home Depot, fire wood and fire colored tissue paper, butcher paper tent and trees )

Fun! A DIY play food market for the kiddos. via: http://katescreativespace.com/2012/04/24/open-for-business/

DIY Parisian Play Market Bountiful little shop using a secondhand hutch. She stocked it full of his existing play food and added extra items. This is a store after all. We love that this play market acts as self-storage for all the play food and related

leuke apotheek voor thema dokter

You could build a similar set up and let have multiple signs for a pharmacy, market, secretary, library, .


Beautiful Fall Themed Classroom, and everywhere (floor, corner, shelfs, tables) are invitations to start playing.under de (parasol) mushroom are baskets with little things. Idea from kleutergroep.

Hoe verbeter je je bouwhoek, in 5 stappen - Lespakket

5 stappen om je bouwhoek te verbeteren

Hoe verbeter je je bouwhoek, in 5 stappen - Lespakket


Beach theme- kids love having a sand box in the room with some beach critters, sand pails, shovels and seashells.