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four different pictures of horses with socks and boots on their feet, in the snow
Tillbehör till miniatyrhästar
Döttrarna, som är 7 och 11 år, samlar på Schleich hästar. Till dessa går det förstås att köpa en massa tillbehör, men barnen tycker ofta att det är roligare att tillverka dem själva. Nu under jullo…
four pictures of horses in the snow one has a blue blanket and two have brown manes
Tillbehör till miniatyrhästar
DIY accessories for miniature horses, Schleich, halters.
a dog is dressed in a coat and standing on the steps to its kennel
I know this is a Schliech barn, I had saved this as a good idea for a Breyer barn.
there is a horse that is standing in the stall
Schleich Haflinger cust, repaint-Allereirau. I wish my model horses' stables looked so nice! Time for a barn raising this weekend! :)
two miniature horses standing next to each other in a fenced area with fake grass
Schleich scene Beautiful photography
an aerial view of a doll house with furniture and accessories in it's display case
The barn is looking pretty full..
a black and white horse with red socks on it's legs is standing in front of a fence
Zprávy a události z domova i ze světa |
CM Schleich - 2. část | Ranč Slunce
the toy horse is decorated with black and white spots on it's pink legs
I have wanted one of the new 2015 Schleich horses for a while. So, I got this beautiful Appaloosa mare and made a set with a pink pad and matching polo wraps, the saddle and bridle is from Schleich
the instructions for how to make a horse stable
Penny • Hét striptijdschrift voor de paardengek!
jouw Paardenstal