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a black and white quote that says hope is now verard net zo eeu as
Verjaardagskaart- Verjaardag net zo leuk als | Kaartje2go
a poem written in german with hearts
Mijn ontwerp Lieve vriendin. Foto geplaatst door Sandra.Drogt op Welke.nl
a sign that reads we zin egen weg verdwalt not
a notebook with the words do more of what makes you happy
Art Sketches Doodles
an iphone screen with the text don't know what to do with friends?
Mitä tehdä ystävien kanssa / nukkumassa🥰 – #ystävät #sleepover
the words mooi special warm prachit on a white background with pink hearts
Moederdag kaart maken voor je liefste mama | Kaartje2go
Tekenen, Zitate, Lettering
a spiral notebook with the words life is art, live your in colours written on it
Expressing thoughts
a white card with black lettering that says good friends are like stars you don't always see them but you know they're always there
the words are written in black and pink on a white background with polka dotes
Kaarten - Hippe Stippen