Stormwater filtration systems from the Philadelphia Water Department’s "Green City, Clean Waters" program. Click image for link to full profile and visit the boards >>

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WHATAMI | stARTT studio di architettura e trasformazioni territoriali

Contemporary landscape design is currently trying to draw more people into the environment and getting them to interact with it.


Wouldn't something like this be an excellent, functional way to decorate a path and divert water

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Garden Design Ideas : View of The Hornbeam Walk, Town Place Garden, Sussex howard Rice Garden Photography

Bioswale at the south waterfront, portland. Transition from hardscape to natural landscape

Bioswale for stormwater treatment at the Meriwether mixed use development in the South Waterfront District, Portland, Oregon (Mix Use)

Piazza Verde | Piazza Vecchia, Bergamo Italy | Studio Fink

Piazza Verde

Piazza Verde Piazza Vecchia Bergamo Italy Studio Fink - World Landscape Architecture World Landscape Architecture