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Hip hop kurslarına hazır olun

This is a C jump! I hate when people who can't do C jumps say they can because they look so bad

RUN THIS TOWN #8281 BY WEISSMAN for "Girls just want to have fun" level 3

Seamless, zig-zag studded leggings set the mood for this urban-inspired costume. The cool, oversized cropped T-shirt is worn over a matte nylon/spandex bra top. The separate, plaid flannel button-down shirt is included and a knit beanie comp

take a hip hop dance class

Dancing HIP-HOP: Early styles of hip-hop like uprock, breaking, popping, locking, and boogaloo were all created by Black Americans who lived in California. It became popular around they all have similar music origin and began on the streets.