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100 deadly skills - Imgur

100 Deadly Skills: Part IX: Exfil Escape. WARNING These skills are called deadly for a reason. These skills not only can pose a danger to others but they push t 100 deadly skill

How To Spot A Trained Fighter by PhiTuS

More tips on how to make your character look like a trained fighter. - The first one is debatable. I'm not implying that every trained fighter does exac. How To Spot A Trained Fighter

Basic steps to perform a taekwondo front hook kick. Poster size available for free. From MARTiAL YOU!

For some this is a difficult kick to apply power to but it is an essential technique for the taekwondo skillset. The hook kick can prove to be a great

Basic steps to perform a taekwondo style axe kick. Poster size available free. From MARTiAL YOU!

Here are the basic steps of the Rear Leg Axe Kick laid out in a horizontal fashion as a quick reference guide. You may get the poster size of this by