stoofvlees met friet | Jeroen Meus. Zelf geprobeerd en hét lekkerste recept voor stoofvlees bevonden!

This is a great Belgian dish, called "stoofvlees". (and of course there are chips involved too)

10 Dutch Foods You Should Try at Least Once - Awesome Amsterdam  Patat (fries)  patat with copious amounts of mayonnaise


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En dan nog het liefst in een puntzak :-) Although being called "French fries" in English no doubt this is a Belgian speciality!

The Dutch Table: Patat (Dutch French Fries)

The Dutch Table: Patat (Dutch French Fries) It is called friet speciall,. Fries, with mayo, curry ketchup and raw minded onions.

Recept - Perfecte friet - Allerhande

Per­fec­te friet

Vlaamse friet, daar zeggen we natuurlijk geen nee tegen! #Friet #Belgisch #stedentrip

belgian fries: double fried and doubly delicious. Nothing beats belgian fries!

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Tip STOP EATING FAST FOOD! Fast food is generally unhealthy and is leading to an alarming increase in obesity and diabetes. Food like pizza, hamburger, french fries.etc are poor in nutrients.It currently rising epidemics of numerous chronic diseases.

dutch 'patat met', this means fries with mayonaise. Yummie

dutch 'patat met', this means fries with mayonaise.

Patat met! Vlaamse friet. Chips with mayonaise.

Today we were in Amsterdam and we treated ourselves! We had chips with mayonaise or in dutch: patat met!

Puntzak patat

Dutch Frites ("French Fries") with Mayo! ~ It's one of the best street foods in Amsterdam!