Love these Keva Planks!

"I was recently introduced to Keva Planks by a friend who is a teacher and always nails it when it comes to clever products for children. These simple wooden blocks are fabulously fun and kept my girls busy all Saturday afternoon.

I can't quite believe this stands up.

Visit our beautiful KAPLA gallery at 125 Market St. We offer KAPLA Blocks and KA PLA Building sets. The eco-friendly KAPLA blocks and building sets require no glue, screws, or fasteners.

Free-form KEVA structure #KevaPlanks #ConstructionToy

Free-form KEVA structure #KevaPlanks #ConstructionToy

Kapla Blocks 280 Pieces

just pinning so I won't forget) The uniformity of the planks lets you build truly amazing structures using only gravity and balance to hold them in place. No snaps, clips, glue or interlocking parts necessary.