324 Boemboe Bali van Eieren

Boemboe Bali van Eieren - klassiek Beb Vuyk recept

Bumbu bali with eggs - classic Indonesian recipe

Allerhande Soto ajam (Indonesische kippensoep)

So­to ajam (In­do­ne­si­sche kip­pen­soep)

Sambal goreng bruine bonen met spek

Bruine bonen met spek - Beb Vuyk's klassiek Indisch recept.

84 Seroendeng (Beb Vuyk)

Seroendeng makkelijk zelf maken, klassiek Beb Vuyk recept

Serundeng is roasted grated coconut with 8 different spices and is eaten as a condiment or side dish. You can make it easily yourself. It takes 45 minutes.

Klepon, pandan kleefrijst balletjes met palm suiker (gula jawa). In 45 minuten op tafel, geen oven nodig, maar koken in een pan. Glutenvrij en veganistisch.

Klepon, recept voor Indische zoete kleefrijst balletjes met gula jawa

Klepon, recipe for glutinous rice flour, pandan snacks, mochi


Kue pisang, klassiek Indisch recept van Beb Vuyk

Beb's kue pisang is a sweet dessert, with lightly caramelized bananas in an egg batter. The banana melts in the oven to produce a rich sauce.

Indische pasteitjes - pastel goreng

Indische pasteitjes - Pisang Susu- klassieke gerechten

Indonesian pasties or Pastel Goreng is an Indonesian fried pastry snack filled with meat and vegetables. This classic probably originated in Cornwell, UK.

328 Goelai gepocheerde eieren,  (Beb Vuyk)

Goelai van gepocheerd ei - klassiek Indisch recept Beb Vuyk

Indonesian poached eggs, by Beb Vuyk. With coconut cream and turmeric.

Kue mangkok (zoete stoomcakes)

Kue mangkok, zoete stoomcakejes met kokosmelk

Kue mangkok means 'cake in a bowl. I use ice cube cups for mine. I get them at a specialist cooking shop or sometimes at the supermarket.


Javanese pancakes or Indonesian style pancakes. This easy recipe uses coconut milk instead of regular milk and gula jawa (Javanese sugar).

Indische maiskoekjes

Indische maiskoekjes

Bika Ambon - Indonesische cake uit Medan

Bika Ambon - Indonesische cake uit Medan

A bika ambon is also called bingka. Bingka is a cassava cake from Malaysia. It sounds like this cake comes from Ambon, but it is best known and famous in Medan, Sumatra.

Gebakken Vis met Ketjap - Klassiek Beb Vuyk Recept

Gebakken Vis met Ketjap - Klassiek Beb Vuyk Recept

115 Sajoer goelai eieren (Beb Vuyk)

Sajoer Goelai van eieren, klassiek Beb Vuyk gerecht

Sayur Gulai with eggs, beans and potatoes Padang, Beb Vuyk

134 Soto Ajam (Beb Vuyk)

Soto Ajam recepten, Beb Vuyk's Indonesisch Kookboek

My love for Indonesian cooking started with an Indonesian chicken soup (Soto Ayam). This soto recipe comes with lots of fresh ingredients.