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a person holding up a small embroidery hoop with an image of corals on it
a hand holding up a small embroidery art piece with trees and flowers on it,
This Artist Creates Intricate Designs Inspired By Nature With Colorful Threads (15 Pics)
a person holding up a small embroidery hoop with trees and leaves on the outside, in front of green grass
Exquisitas piezas bordadas en tela transparente te transportan al suelo de un bosque
someone is holding up a cross - stitch pattern in front of some plants and trees
a person holding up a small embroidery hoop with an image of corals on it
the colorful fabric has many different colors and designs on it's surface, including flowers
Porfolio de anamaria | Domestika
a woman is holding an open book with buttons and flowers on it, in front of other handmade items
a hand is holding up a colorful embroidery project
a hand is holding an embroidered square with flowers on it and beads around the edges
a blue house with white trimmings on the outside and brown roof, in front of a tan background
needlepoint Victorian house, designer unknown
the back of a jean jacket with embroidered feathers and beads on it, showing how to sew
a piece of cloth with blue flowers on it
cross stitch pattern with different types of insects
Colourful Critters
a blue jean jacket with embroidered mushrooms and flowers on it
Landscape wall Art | Macrame | Wall hanging woven | Woven wall hanging | Textile art
a quilted wall hanging with a house and trees
a close up of a piece of cloth with flowers on it
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a table next to a piece of cloth
a piece of art that is hanging on a wooden wall with a house in the background
New today
This, that and everything inbetween: New today
a piece of fabric with stars and moon in the sky
a piece of fabric with a house on it and flowers in the foreground, against a white background
Carinne Meyerink on Instagram: "Mini landscape #20. ‘Swirling Moon’. Sorry I haven’t posted more travel updates! We landed in Ireland on Saturday & the last few days have been so special catching up with all those we have loved & missed since we left 2 years ago!! And the beautiful landscape is again filling my soul. This one I stitched a while back & hadn’t shared yet. I am working on some Amsterdam houses, will share when I get them done! . . . #irishlandscape #discoverireland #mayo #slowstitc
a piece of art that looks like it is made out of fabric
Shop — Carinne Meyerink Art
Mini Textile Landscapes — Shop — Carinne Meyerink Art