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How To Create Your Own AMAZING Industrial Lamp on

How To Create Your Own AMAZING Industrial Lamp on

Hmmm  "Music to my ears"?  I have an old beautiful piano that's beautiful...but past repair.  Convert to a bar?  What could I do in place of keyboard??

Repurposed Piano with many options for functionality - Before anyone goes crazy telling me I am crazy to do this to a piano, the soundboard was warped and the i…

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Broccoli House by artist and musician Brock Davis. The house is made out of broccoli, balsa wood, a craft knife and glue. He says, “I couldn’t build a tree house for my son so I built him a broccoli.

Old Piano Transformed via DIY into a Stunning Piano Desk

Jonathan Miranda Sickmeyer saved an old piano from being thrown away. Unable to be salvaged he instead transformed it into a stunning piano desk.