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My Little Book of Family 我的家人小书
Tips to Help Your Child Get Ready for Chinese Learning
This is one of the most effective ways to learn Chinese characters based on radical and root of words. CHINESE WRITING #学中文 #chinese #characters Nihao Hello Chinese Characters Writing Flashcards with #Pinyin and #English #bilingual #languages

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10 Good Luck Foods for the Chinese New Year, including tangerines and oranges, which when displayed and eaten, are said to bring wealth and luck.
Longevity Noodles for Chinese New Year -  Very simple and easy to make. Was okay as a main dish, would definitely use it as a side dish next time.
Chinese New Year Dinner: Yam Basket/Fatt Putt 佛钵 (盘满钵满) Crispy on the outside and melt-in-the-mouth on the inside. This yam basket that is filled to the brim signifies the abundance of fortune.

Chinese New Year Celebration

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people standing in a circle with sticky notes attached to their backs and the words chinese measure words for people written on them
How to Use Chinese Measure Words for People
Not sure when to use measure words and which one to use with people? No worries, because this article explains it all.
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Chinese learning video
Watch our Chinese learning video on #Youtube. #Chineselearning #Chinesevocabulary
an apple with chinese characters on it and the words written in two different languages below
5 Fruits You Need to Prepare for Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
apple - one of the 5 lucky fruits for Mid-Autumn Festival #Chinese4kids #learnChinese #Chinesevocabulary #fruit #mid-autumnfestival #Chinesefestival
Watch our Chinese learning video on #Youtube. #Chineselearning #Easter #复活节 Videos, Youtube, Chinese Language Learning, Chinese Language, Mandarin Chinese Learning, World Languages
Easter Chinese Learning
Watch our Chinese learning video on #Youtube. #Chineselearning #Easter #复活节
the words chinese measure words for buildings against a blue sky with clouds in the background
What Chinese measure words to use with buildings?
We use different measure words for different buildings. For example, 一座桥,两幢教学楼,三条马路🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠 Let's learn about them in detail with the article: #Chinese4kids #Chineseforchildren #MandarinChinese #Chineselanguage
an orange and black halloween decoration with the words happy halloween written in white on it
Halloween Chinese Learning Ideas and Activities for Kids
Halloween Chinese learning Activities for Kids #Chinese4kids #Halloween #HalloweenChinese #learnChinese #mandarinChinese #Chineselearning
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Chinese measure words overview
Chinese measure words eliminate ambiguity, providing specific counts for various noun categories. Unlike English, where general terms suffice, Chinese demands precision. That makes learning measure words by heart extra important. This article features one ancient poem that incorporate several measure words, and goes deeper to explore the use of measure words for other 10 categories .