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Botanical print with a photo of a green plant with beautiful leaves. A stylish and sleek way of getting some greenery into your home. If you want you can create a small photo wall with a few botanical posters, very nice in the living room and elsewhere.

Green plant, poster in the group Posters & Prints / Botanical at Desenio AB

Classic Coco Chanel poster with the quote: I do not do fashion, I am fashion. We print our posters on matte, uncoated paper of high quality. We have more posters with quotes and illustrations of lipstick and perfumes that go very well with this print.

Chanel quote on posters. Black and white poster with the quote: 'I don´t do fashion, I am fashion'. You can find more posters with text and quotes in our webshop; we have many fashion prints.

Poster of a Prada Marfa sign in black and white. Gossip Girl fashion print

Gossip Girl poster with Prada Marfa sign. Buy posters with fashion designs. You can find fashion prints and trendy prints online in our webshop.